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Welcome to Crochet Cache

Learn to crochet and let out that inner nerd! Come find crochet amigurumi patterns for free. There are patterns of childhood favourite characters. Mostly amigurumi, but with some other crochet ideas mixed in. Start crocheting that unique gift today, and put a smile on the special someones face.

Memory problems?

Studies have shown that crocheting diminished the chance of developing mild cognitive impairment and memory loss. Helps the development of neural pathways in your brain to keep you mentally sharp.

Are you stressed?

Keeping your hands busy can help reduce stress and allow you to keep focus. Plus a ball of yarn and a hook are easily transportable allowing you to take your hobby anywhere.

Failed at knitting?

Crocheting is completely different. If you had trouble knitting from things such as missing stitches, in crocheting you take it one stitch at a time. Crocheting can help you improve your skills for knitting.

Gifts are expensive!

Couple of balls of yarn and a crochet hook are under $20 and you can make truly unique gifts that people will love and that stores would sell for $100 or more.

Everyone needs a hobby, especially one that can improve their life. Start learning to crocheting today!

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